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tggf converse shoes ztyp5831
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We have gone through converse shoes so christian louboutin much suffering

Must not forget, five years ago, near Wenchuan christian louboutin uk earthquake there had been a greater christian louboutin level, and many of the buildings have also destroyed in the disaster and post-disaster reconstruction ......

Also, after this earthquake, "earthquake relief" on the road, we did not show should be well-trained. Chaos, compared with the vans shoes year, described as "still". The rescue christian louboutin sale channel blocked from time to time rescue forces, relief supplies can not be there in every hit, especially those christian louboutin in remote christian louboutin uk mountainous areas. christian louboutin There are those emerging so-called "island", time is life, they really afford to wait.

We have converse sale gone through so christian louboutin much suffering, why the next time a louboutin uk disaster occurs, we still still reaping a lot of suffering? I suddenly remembered a television news program yesterday evening, when the connection of the news anchors and reporters at the scene, as much as the victims rushed to the front of the christian louboutin camera with a very hoarse voice to express their dissatisfaction!

Yes, before the disaster, when many people BS-ing. Ordinary citizens of those victims, there are more worried in the affected areas, everyone can BS-ing. They have called God no eyes, pain hurt My People. To criticize cheap vans all the unhappy people and things before and after the disaster, especially natural disasters often emerge behind the man-made Phantom!

In louboutin shoes fact, such a scolding, none of civilization, but rather to the emotional catharsis, is one of the most direct criticism and encouragement! Must christian louboutin protect the christian louboutin outlet peace of the people, to help them from suffering, christian louboutin shoes not louboutin shoes the government's charity, but their obligations, responsibilities.

Perhaps the cries cheap converse of BS-ing, it may not make the victims, those sadness, anger completely healed, it may not be able to fully actuator the government really christian louboutin sale improve as usually, but louboutin uk if such a disaster, christian louboutin sale "BS-ing" sound often hear what? In fact, relative to the overwhelming touching story, as opposed to the "spirit" of the glorification of the existence of this "noise", but more realistic, christian louboutin shoes but also more powerful.
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